Big news today is:

REGISTRATION for Balboa Goes Slow 2018 is now open! Be fast and secure your place in this intimate setting!

We have added a few more extra bits that hopefully can tickle your tongue:

Firstly and mostly: LÖNNBANDET, Currently the best Band on earth!! (Yes, it’s true!) will entertain us live on Saturday night! How about that? We are a lucky bunch of dancers, we are.

Secondly, for those of you that need to brush your Balboa up before the weekend, we have organised a (NOT included in the weekend pass) “Polish up your Balboabasics”-class on friday night at 7.30 pm, just before the “Friday Night Shuffle”-social takes place, starting at 8.30. Pay cash at the entrance for class and social.

Last but not least: Weather permitting- we will end the weekend with outside dancing at ”Sommar Swing” on sunday night. Beautifully situated by the water in the city, everyone’s invited to this unofficial ending to the camp, directly after the Teadance on sun afternoon. Starting from 6 pm, a small honorary donation for the DJ and organisers is recommended.

Read more about it and sign up HERE!

For those of you not partaking in classes, it’s of course possible to join only for the Saturday night live-night. Book and pay for your tickets in advance on the website to secure your spot!