Friday Night Fusion!

Do you like dancing? Do you sometimes like to not care what labels that other people around you try to put on the movements or the type of connection you use in a dance? Do you like to move to a variety of music, both old and newer, that might span over jazz, blues, pop, folk, classic and electronica? If so, we think you will enjoy Saturday Night Fusion.

We who organize this all love blues dancing, but feel that there should be an outlet for more free-form dancing within our community, without blurring out the lines of what is and isn’t blues.

This is a social dance night where any kind of music can be played, and where any kind of dance style can be incorporated.

Starting 19:00, Geoff will have a 1½ hour intro class, and he describes it like this:
On the Fusion dance floor we find dancers who come from many different styles of dance, each dance has it’s own rules that inform how our bodies can move and how we communicate our intent in partnership.

So… how do we communicate with someone that comes from a different dance style? What can we do, when the rules they know are different and where the ‘dance language’ that they speak has an accent that we don’t understand?

This class will show how we can use different steps and different rules to our dance partners, but still communicate with each other and make something beautiful.

We will do this by exploring our axis and balance and how we can communicate wordlessly by shifting our axis and balance, as well as exploring what happens if we forget the rules that we know and act like a child who never danced before.

We’ll also explore how we can adapt to different types of music that we may hear on the fusion floor and how we can use existing footwork rhythms that we may have learned from other dances, as well as simple 1 beat or 2 beat rhythms to dance to a variety of styles of music in a musical way.

Social dancing starts at 20:30 and DJ:s for the night are Geoff, Lillemor, Robert, Gabriel and Joel.

There will be a “fusion fika” potluck. Everybody brings some food/snacks that brought together will be the fuel for our dancing. Since we’ve usually got all kinds of allergies covered between us, make sure to label your stuff! We will fix tea and coffee.

Entrance for non-members: 80 SEK
Entrance for members of Swedish Swing Society: 40 SEK

Venue: Odengatan 89, Stockholm (T-Odenplan)

Some inspirational clips below

Worth It - Campbell Miller and Andrew Smith - Fusion dance

Left Alone - Kelly Howard and Mark Carpenter - Improvised Fusion dance

Danging to We Do - Justin Riley and Flouer Evelyn - Dancing Fusion



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