Halloween Swing Camp 2017

Welcome to Halloween Swing Camp 2017!
3rd -5th of November
Welcome to a creepy but still cozy swing dance weekend in Stockholm! Join us for fun times and a lot of dancing with new and old friends.

The workshop will offer three different Lindy hop tracks with 7h of classes plus 1h taster with international teachers. The Lindy hop tracks are: Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and a mixed track with solo jazz, tap/rhytmical steps and Lindy hop for intermediate/advanced to advanced level dancers. There is also a solo jazz track with 4h of classes and 1h taster


Lindy hop:

Intermediate: you have been dancing for at least a year. You know how to lead and follow and are familiar with most of the basic figures, including swingout, lindy circle, charleston and some jazz steps.
Intermediate-Advanced: you have been dancing for at least 2 years. To do different figures, transitions between figures and rhythms is not a problem for you and you incorporate jazz steps, foot variations and breaks without a problem.
Intermediate -Advanced to Advanced mixed track: you have at least 3 years of Lindy hop experience. You are comfortable dancing to different tempos, you improvise and create your own variations of figures and transitions. Jazz steps, foot variations and breaks is a big part of your dancing. In this track we will also incorporate jazz movements/routines and some rytmical steps or tap routines to get your feet going and to get you in to the next level of dancing.

Solo jazz track: you have taken several solo jazz classes before and are willing to work hard to get some new steps and rhytms in to your body. 

We are proud to announce our teaching couples for the event:
Laia Puig Azagra and Gustav Jakobsson from Barcelona!
Ana Umnova and Tadas Vasiliauskas from Vilnius!
Alex Marinis and Christina Loukaki from Greece (and Sweden)!
Patrik Pettersson and Sandra Klack from Stockholm!

 Friday night 19:30 to 00:00: Dans and Galej at Birkagården
 Taster class slow drag with Alex and Christina
 Teacher presentations and performance by sparkling DecaVitas!
 * Lindy floor: DJ Klackarn, DJ Salta Katten
 * Blues floor: DJ Christina, DJ David, DJ Drew, DJ Geoff
 * Balboa floor: DJ Marie, DJ Csilla, DJ Papa Vic, Dr Lucidor

 Saturday 21:00 to 02:00: Band battle Bandwagon vs Hornsgatan Ramblers!
 DJ: Frida Häggström Gert



Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89
Subway Odenplan. Bus 4, 2, 50, 61, 67, 69, 72, 73
Studiefrämjandet, Norrtullsgatan 12N
Subway Odenplan. Bus 4, 2, 50, 61, 67, 69, 72, 73

Friday dance night: Birkagården, Karlbergvägen 86B.
Subway St Eriksplan. Commuter train Karlbergs station. Bus 72

Saturday dance night: Alviks kulturhus, Gustavslundsvägen 168A
Subway Alvik. Tram Alvik. Bus 110, 112

Lindy hop: 1200 SEK for SSS members and couple registration (per person). 1300 SEK for non-members (7 h of classes, party pass and a taster class)
Solo jazz: 800 SEK for SSS members and 900 SEK for non-members (4 h of classes, partypass and a taster class)
Party tickets (at the door):
Friday - 50 SEK for SSS members and 100 SEK for non-members.
Saturday - 200 SEK for members and non-members

To register follow link http://www.swedishswing.se/samtliga-aktuella-kurser

SCHEDULE (preliminary)

Registration/Check-in for the weekend:
Friday at Birkagården 19.15-22.00
Saturday at Swedish Swing Society and Studiefrämjandet 10.00-11.00 (Solo jazz: just before the first class) 

Schema HSC 2017



Gustav and Laia
Gustav comes from a sports background and had his first contact with Lindy Hop in Herräng. He fell in love with the dance right away and since then, he has been dedicating a lot of time to learn more about this amazing dance.
Now a full time dancer and teacher in Barcelona, his teaching is focused on rhythm and flow. Gustav is constantly working to improve his movement by practicing Solo Jazz movement as well as Lindy Hop. He likes to perform and compete and has been successful at events such as ILHC, ESDC, Lindy Shock and The Snowball. Together with Laia he won 1st place in the Advanced Strictly Division at ILHC 2016.

Laia started dancing at the age of six and and for six years she practiced Ballet, Contemporary and Flamenco daily. When she was 12 years old she started practice and compete in Ballroom dances. At the age of 19 she didn’t want to continue with the ballroom dances and she agreed to go with her parents to a Lindy Hop dance. She loved what she saw at the dance and immediately starting to take Lindy Hop lessons, leaving the Ballroom dancing behind.
Now a full time dancer and teacher in Barcelona, she is focusing her teaching on followers to have a strong rhythm and to actively take part in the dance. She constantly strives to improve her dancing and movement by working on her solo jazz dancing as much as her Lindy Hop. She tries to connect fun, rhythm and silliness in her dancing.
Laia likes to perform and compete both in Lindy Hop and solo dancing. She has competed successfully at Lindy Shock and The Snowball and with Gustav she won 1st place in the Advanced Strictly Division at ILHC 2016.

Gustav and Laia

Ana and Tadas
Ana Umnova is a full time Lindy Hop teacher, performer and choreographer based in Vilnius. She started dancing at the age of 16. Since the very first Lindy Hop class, Ana realized that she wants to become a teacher. After attending as many Lindy Hop classes and events as possible, she began teaching Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz at "Lindyhop.lt club". It inspired her to take dancing and teaching even more seriously, so she began to study The Education of Dance. At the university Ana got deeper educational knowledge and also tried various dance styles, such as ballet, contemporary, ballroom, folk and historical dances. This experience helped her to discover personal elegant dance style. Ana often travels abroad to teach, learn, perform and compete with her dance partner Tadas Vasiliauskas.

Tadas Vasiliauskas is one of the main Lindy Hop teachers in Vilnius, Lithuania. He teaches regular classes at Lindyhop.lt club along with a Jazz Dance course for students at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. Tadas actively performs and choreographs: he is in charge of a performance troupe and also was one of the first performers to bring Lindy Hop on stage in a contemporary theater show “Partners” in Vilnius. Tadas can be frequently found playing the trombone as a side hobby. On the dance floor, you can recognize him for his playful dance style and great energy. Tadas also often travels abroad to teach, learn, perform and compete with his dance partner Ana Umnova.

Ana and Tadas


Alex and Christina
Alex Marinis has been dancing ballroom and Greek folk dances since his young years and took several seminars in the field of dancing. He is a founding member of Lindy Hop Greece and the one who spread the dance throughout his home country. People might know him as the organiser of Swing 'n' Swim or other Swing Festivals in Greece. Starting off as a student of a swiss lindyhopper who moved to Greece, he went on taking classes with highly recognised teachers from all around the world and eventually become a choreographer and dance-teacher in Thessaloniki. Since then, he has been teaching with his partner Christina Loukaki or with other dancers, all around Greece and in several European countries like Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, in festivals, workshops or as a guest teacher. His work has been featured in different venues in Greece and on CNN! An amazing moment in his life was when Lindy Hop Greece was invited by Count Basie Orchestra to dance with them at the Megaron Concert Hall in Thessaloniki, Greece or when Norma Miller and Dawn Hampton came to Greece after his invitation.
He has studied in Thessaloniki, London, Netherlands and Munich, different things from French Language (BA), Art Direction, Personal Development/Life Coach and Rolfing® Structural Integration. He cooperated with different artists and worked with groups of adults, kids, youngsters, and people with disabilities around Europe.
He is a Certified Rolfer™ and now he is combining Lindy Hop and Structural Integration as a teacher and a bodyworker.
He loves to express himself through Swing music and to make his dance partners laugh and smile! Believing that this is the spirit and the social aspect of Lindy Hop. There is nothing that makes Alex happier than spreading the lindylove for Swing dancing with other Lindy Hoppers.

Alex Marinis

Christina Loukaki was born in the island of Crete in Greece and she has a degree on English Philology and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She had her first experience with dance in the age of 4. She started with rhythmic gymnastics and a year later with Cretan folk dances that she later taught at the age of 15! She was a professional dancer for almost nine years. Later she danced Latin Ballroom dances and Salsa participating in seminars abroad and then she had classes in Argentine Tango. In 2007 she started Lindy Hop because “it was fun” but later she fell completely in love with the energy and the musicality of the dance.

Since that time, she is a fanatic lindy hopper! Her training started as Michael Widmer’s student and later continued in seminars and classes abroad, by highly recognized teachers.
Together with Alex Marinis they introduced Lindy Hop dance, music, culture to Greece spring 2006.She was the scene leader for Thessaloniki dance scene, there she was and still is, teaching, choreographing and dancing for Lindy Hop Greece in different cities around Greece and in Europe along her dance partner Alex Marinis. She is a part of the organization team of “Swing ‘n’ Swim” in Greece. Her work has been featured in different venues in Greece and on CNN! The last 3 years she has been running a Teacher’s Training in Greece, along with Alex Marinis, which as a result has helped in the evolvement of 7 swing dance communities and teaching couples, in cities all over Greece.

These days she is living in Stockholm and in addition to her travelling seminars and teachers trainings, she is teaching at Chicago Swing Dance Studio. She loves exploring swing music and she is playing the best tunes with the nickname “Louki Louk“! Her passion is teaching and passing the culture and Afro-American heritage of lindy hop and jazz.

Christina is a versatile teacher who is interested in pedagogy, several teaching methods and techniques! She has been teaching in Greece and other countries, Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues, some Balboa and several theme classes on musicality and self-expression as well as improvisation. She worked with kids in Summer Camps for 3 years where she used Experiential Learning as a method, also she has been studying and practicing, NVC method for almost 5 years. She is experienced with kids and youngsters.

Christina Loukaki