Scandinavian Shuffle 2017

** February 10th - 12th, Stockholm **

We are super happy to welcome you to the 9th Scandinavian Shuffle!
Scandinavian Shuffle is a Balboa exchange that already has offered us a great time in Copenhagen (2016), Turku (2015), Malmö (2014), Mariehamn (2013), Oslo (2012), Göteborg (2011), Helsinki (2010) and Copenhagen (2009). Next to come is a joyful weekend in Stockholm!! It will be a weekend full of dancing, meeting of old and new balboa friends, live bands and great DJ's, sunday brunch, activities and happenings to enjoy and discover the beautiful Stockholm together. Let's hope for lots of white, soft, glittering snow!

More info will be provided soon, keep your eyes open! Check out our facebook group also.

Do you want to get in contact? Send us an email: SCSH2017 (at)

Cheerful regards,
the shuffle 2017 team
Amelie, Domenico, Hanna, Lina, Arne.