Sweden Balboa Weekend 2017

Welcome to the 13th Sweden Balboa Weekend!
29th September - 1st October 2017

Sweden Balboa Weekend is an event that alternates between Stockholm and Uppsala and this year Swedish Swing Society has the immense privilege of hosting SBW in Stockholm. So please come and join us for a fantastic, intense and dynamic Balboa Weekend in Stockholm.

Come and dance, party with us, learn a few new fancy moves, dance slow and fast, meet old and new friends and enjoy our beautiful city.

All you need to know about the venues.
Class Schedule and evening parties.

All classes will be held at:  Swedish Swing Society Odengatan 89, Stockholm
Friday night party:  Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89, Stockholm (subway stop Odenplan)
Saturday Night Party:  Alviks kulturhus (top floor), Gustavslundsvägen 168 A, Bromma (subway stop: Alvik)
Sunday tea dance: Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89, Stockholm (subway stop: Odenplan)


Friday night 20:30 to 00:00: 
The Bandwagon Swing Orchestra! 
DJ Anton from Malmö, DJ Marie from Stockholm 

Saturday night 20:00 to 02:00:
The Lönnkrogsbandet! 
DJ Anton from Malmö, DJ Papa Vic from Stockholm

Sunday tea dance 16:00 till 20:00: 
DJ Anton from Malmö, DJ Henrik Eriksson from Uppsala

Mette Herlitz & Freddie Karlbom
Mirjam Johansson & Gio Olla

Freddie and Mette
Freddie Karlbom started swing dancing in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Between 2009 and 2012 he was part of Swedish Swing Societys performance troupe Shout n' Feel It and since 2010 he has been teaching Balboa and Lindy Hop at Swedish Swing Society in Stockholm, as well as workshops around Sweden and Europe. Since summer 2017, he now resides in Berlin.
While social dancing, he loves taking inspiration from his partner and letting that influence his dancing, making each dance a unique experience. As a teacher, he focuses on giving both roles the ability and opportunity to express their voices within the partnership of the dance."

“Mette Herlitz grew up in an artistic family so singing and playing music was a part of everyday life. It was no surprise to anyone that music became her first career. Besides being a dance teacher and running a dance and music school in Stockholm, she is working with leadership training. And on top of this she is still composing music professionally.
Mette discovered Lindy hop in 2004. She instantly fell in love with the dance and after a few years she also started to dance Salsa, West Coast Swing and Balboa. She was soon performing and teaching regularly in Sweden and abroad.
As a dancer Mette is known for her musicality, advanced following and elegant styling. She regards herself a social dancer but has, over time, become a skilled competitor. Today she is continuously placing in competitions all around the world. She is an experienced teacher with a great ability not only to explain complex figures and techniques, but also to create a playful learning environment.

Mirjam and Gio 
Gio and Mirjam love to dance! In Balboa they want to take their partnership to the next level with a connection that allows to create the dance together. They see the couple as teamwork of two strong voices that listen to the music and to each other.

Gio started dancing at the age of 10 and he never stopped. He travelled from the very beginning for Boogie Woogie competitions, later on he discovered Balboa which is now his great passion. He is currently based in Stockholm where he teaches regular classes.
Gio enjoys experimenting with new moves and stretching the borders of the dance, many people remember him for his following skills. Among his signature moves you can find développés, hip's movements and different poses.
Gio still likes to compete, he won the first place title at All Balboa Weekend Amateur Strictly and Jack’n'Jill, Balboa on the Promenade Strictly and Strictly and Jack’n’Jill at Snowball.
In class he is precise and pedagogical; He is more a coach than a teacher. Ask him for personal feedback!

Mirjam started dancing 2007. At that time it was all about Lindy hop. During the years Mirjam has been teaching Lindy and jazz regularly in Stockholm and also internationally. Iceland, San Francisco and Malaysia are some examples. 2016 Mirjam coupled up with Gio Olla and got into Balboa. Mirjams passion is about finding the great combination of expressing her musicality in a connecting way with her partner. This is what you will get in class together with a high technic and athletic focus! Mirjam pushes the students to reach their highest level and you will notice her high energy and playfulness both in class and on the dance floor. Mirjam and Gio won the strictly balboa competition at Snowball 2016, as their very first competition together. Mirjam enjoys being on stage a well as in class with the students! In every moment you tries to learn something and improve her own dancing as well



Group Yellow

You are familiar with the basic balboa movements (uphold, downhold, come around, throw out, swivels) and you feel comfortable social dancing. In this group we will focus on developing your basics, and work on new fun material.

Group Red

You have been dancing for a year or more and take every opportunity to dance. 
In your dancing you are playing with different energy levels, footwork, variations and rhythms in your dance. Your Balboa has nice transitions from open to closed positions and is fluent in even little higher tempos (around BPM 200). You are eager to improve and keep your eyes open for dance events at home and abroad. In this group we will focus on more advanced variations, footwork and partnership.

Group Purple

You feel comfortable with the level descriptions above and are ready for a higher for a higher tempo in learning. You have been dancing for some years and attended workshops often. You master Balboa in a wide range of tempos, even the fastest tunes (BPM 225-ish).
You are working on your own style and movements as a dancer and also on improving your musicality by playing with music structures, accents and lyrics.

In this group we will work on abstract concepts and analyse your basic techniques in detail.

Opens the 15th of June.
To register click HERE.

6 classes, shag taster and three evening parties: 1 350 SEK
Party pass: 400 SEK

In order to avoid the dreaded waiting list do sign up with a partner.

There will be single tickets available for the evening dances depending on location. You have to send an email to sbw@swedishswing.se with your birth date, firstname and surname. Only when you get a confirmation will you be on the enterance list. We are otherwise not able to let you in.
Prices: Friday and Saturday night 200 SEK and Sunday evening 100 SEK.

Full payment must be received 10 days after acceptance, otherwise you risk losing your place at the camp.

Cancellations made prior to August 29th are eligible for a full refund minus 250 SEK, an administrative fee.
(send any inquiries about cancellations to kurser@swedishswing.se).

Cancellations after August 29th are not eligible for refund, you may however transfer your ticket to someone else with the same dance role (leader or follower) and the same level. Such transfers must be notified to the organisers.

We are seeking volunteers for minimum 1 hour or more, contact us for more information.

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