While we expect everybody to help out during the camp, there are a few tasks that need a little extra attention. We are seeking party pass volunteers / part time helpers who will work approximately 4-5 hours per day in exchange for meals and access to the parties and skillshare activities. We also need a kitchen crew / full time helpers to work up to 8 hours per day in exchange for meals, parties, skillshare activities and 50% of the classes.

Since hostel beds is our biggest limiting factor, we are mainly searching for volunteers who are willing to camp. There will be some indoor mattresses, but volunteers with tents will be prioritized.

We are looking for one driver, four café managers, ten kitchen helpers and one general helper. Even for those assigned a specific area of responsibility we hope you are flexible and can jump in if where it is needed. It is also important that you are available during the whole camp, especially for the drivers this means starting early Thursday and until Sunday evening.

The driver is needed for collecting musicians, teachers, equipment, food, etc. Workload will generally be lighter, but the hours are more irregular and we expect you to be available from early Thursday until Sunday evening. We prefer if you can bring your own car.

Café managers take care of the café and manage the café helpers. During daytime, you will prepare lighter fika for the breaks between classes. In the evenings you will make sure the café helpers know what to do, and also be responsible for either setting up or closing the café.

Kitchen helpers assist the cooks with the meals. Since you will work a bit harder and longer than the other types of volunteers, you will also get to attend 50% of the classes. Except around 8 hours of work per day. This is also our biggest volunteer group.

The general helper jumps in where needed.

If you are interested in volunteering, e-mail volunteer@stockholmblues.com with a short description of which tasks you are interested in and any relevant experience in the role(s). Also let us know if you have a a driver’s license and access to a car, even if you are not applying for the driver’s role. Finally, let us know if you can bring your own tent or not.