Gustav Lundgren & Aurélien Trigo Quartet
Invited to our event to help us kick off the weekend right! This quartet is made up of Gustav Lundgren’s Trio and Aurélien Trigo on violin. Performing together in Stockholm each week playing Gypsy Jazz standards, some Swing Jazz standards, their own compositions, this fantastis gypsy swing band have delighted us local balboa dancers so much that we’ve even deigned to dance on a concrete floor, ruining our slick leather soles in the process.. Trust us, everything they do will make you want to dance! Touring and giving concerts all over the world - this time will be for us! We are so happy to welcome Gustav Lundgren on guitar, Martin Vidlund on rhythm guitar, Juan Mendoza on double bass and Aurélien Trigo on violin, to play for us at Scandinavian Shuffle!

Gustav Lundgren & Aurélien Trigo Quartet

Gustav Lundgren is one of the most prestigious jazz and swing guitarists of the world, performing all over the world in various bands, with renowned leaders and musicians. About ten years ago he formed the trio but have simultaneously kept travelling and working in other genres, making himself a name there as well. 

Aurélien Trigo is a classically schooled violinist who began playing gypsy swing in 2003. Taught by masters such as Florin Niculescu & Didier Lockwood he took on the genre fast and began touring worldwide quickly. After ten years on the road he relocated from Paris to Stockholm in 2015 and began focusing on music production, and now plays almost exclusively with Gustav Lundgren.

Martin Vidlund, another great guitar player, has an extensive and varied background within music. He’s as good as a soloist as he is a rhythm player and enjoys both for what they are and the challenges they entail. Within this group constellation he loves laying down the rhythm, which we love to hear as it is so important for us dancers!

Juan Mendoza is an Argentinian double bass player, based in Stockholm since the early 2000’s. He was formed musically at the prestigious Berkley School of Music in Boston and is very versatile. Joining the Trio in 2015 and playing a lot of jazz with many musicians and bands, he is also a very present figure within the Latin music community in the region. 


The Rhythm Baby Makers
All the way from Uppsala!! We are drum roll glad to have them back once more in Stockholm for the weekend, to play for us at Saturday party. Our dear friends will make us go wild and polish the dance floor to perfection.Their style and flair is inspiring, both as a band and as swing dancers - or when mixing both :)
Hurray and welcome Isabelle Enedahl, Patrik Pettersson, Gustav Lindström and Marielle Hjalmarsson with their jazzy friends Bo Carnestedt (double bass), Fredrik Hellberg (drums) och Wojtek Rutkowski (piano).

TRBM plays hot jazz mixed with swing from the 30ies and 40ies. They work hard to create an authentic atmosphere as would it have been a bar in New Orleans or a dance floor in Harlem. Horn section: trumpet and vocals Baby Face Enedahl. Reads: Papa Peabody. The bone: Forever 21. Rhythm section, banjo; Big Tasty. Double bass, drums, piano: the jazzy friends.



Prepare yourself, these guys will blow your socks off!! Regularly playing together at their club Lönnkrogen (speakeasy) in Stockholm, luring us down into the basement of the Scala Theater with their 1920th jazz we know for sure there is nothing else you want to do than dance once they start playing. Make sure to stay until the end of the Scandinavian Shuffle weekend to enjoy this band at the Sunday party. We are so glad Lönnbandet could squeeze us into their hectic musicians schedule. Damtadadam, most welcome Karl Olandersson on trumpet, Johan Åström on trombon, Filip Ekestubbe on piano, Niklas Fernqvist on double bass and Daniel Fredriksson on drums.


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