Code of Conduct

Stockholm Blues retreat is a special event as we all eat, sleep, socialize and dance in the same space.

The community is a very important part of this event and we all help each other make this event enjoyable and safe for everyone. I agree to help out with the duties I sign up for.

As we all eat together I am aware that there are people with allergies and I will do my best to avoid crosscontamination of food and will follow instructions of the organizers and volunteers.

I understand that people have different needs and that anyone can need time alone. I am free to seek alone time as well.

I as a participant
As a participant at any blues dance event organized by Swedish Swing Society I am aware of and agree to follow these policies.

Respect on and off dance floor

Our events are spaces free of discrimination. I am aware that people of any age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or disabilities are welcome.

Mutual respect is important both on and off the dance floor. We respect each other’s personal space and understand that everyone has different boundaries. These boundaries can vary from willingness to hug on the dancefloor, to not wanting to dance in close embrace or do dips. I understand that it is important to ask for consent and respect it. I agree not to overstep or test someone’s boundaries and understand that doing so continuously can be seen as harassment. The proper reaction to overstepping a boundary unintentionally is a genuine apology, but I understand that depending on the seriousness of the overstep there may be more severe consequences.

Accepting and declining a dance
I am aware that I have a voice and am free to say NO in any situation. I know I can’t expect anyone to read my mind. I can say “No, thank you” to a dance. I can say “NO” to physical contact, etc. If I say YES to a dance I am free to dance as many dances as I and the dance partner agree to, but one dance is standard in our blues events, and if I want one more, I’m expected to ask for the next dance.
No one owes me a dance and I am aware that anyone can say “No, thank you” to an invitation for a dance, even if I danced with this person before. I don’t expect an explanation why someone doesn’t want to dance with me right now.

Dance safety
After joining the dance floor, I agree to dance safely and understand that I am not alone on the dance floor. It is both mine and my partners responsibility to make sure we dance adequately to the space and crowdedness of the dance floor to avoid injuries. I am mindful of the fact that everyone is in different physical health and therefore I will ask for consent to do dips or lifts.

If anything uncomfortable or dangerous is happening to me or anyone else at the event I can ask the organizer team for help.

I understand and agree that these are important aspects of creating a safer space. I will follow these rules and instructions given by SSS organizers for my own and others’ safety.

I understand that if I behave inappropriately, be it against the code of conduct or Swedish law there will be a consequence. These can be in the form of a conversation with an organizer followed by written documentation of this conversation, to being asked to leave an event or being banned from events for a certain period of time. What starts with the conversation about my behaviour may escalate in a ban if I don’t change my behaviour.

I understand that not every type of behaviour or problem can be addressed in this code of conduct and I will use my best judgement to behave in a way that will not make my fellow dancers uncomfortable or put them in danger.

We as organizers
Are responsible for creating a safe event, but we do not have eyes everywhere – nor do we want to. We will take any complaint seriously and resolve them to our best abilities. The conversations around these complaints will be held in private and will be handled confidentially within the organizing team. We will listen to your wish on how you want the problem handled. We will document the incident.