Eat & Drink

Do you already have your favourite restaurant in Stockholm? Or fancy some inspiration, to try out a new place? Perhaps some of these places catches your interest:


Restaurants and Quick eats

Nalen Restaurang
Situated in Stockholm’s old swing dance palace Nalen this restaurant has a modern take on swedish classic dining. With several options for vegetarians as well as meat lovers you won’t leave this place dissatisfied. And while you’re here - don’t forget to have a look around at pictures and decor from Nalen’s swinging days.

With history that dates back to the 18th century and jugend inspired interior this Stockholm classic is the place to go if you’re looking for traditional swedish food. Pickled herring, meatballs and a vide variety of fish and pork dishes are a given on the menu. And don’t forget the snaps to go with your meal! No less than 17 different flavours to choose from will make for a great party starter.

Tranan was opened in 1929 as a “beer café”, a place where they served food mainly to be allowed to sell alcohol due to the restrictive alcohol law enforcements of the era. Today the restaurant still have a lot of its original decor and style in food and drinks, even though you nowadays don’t need to order a “todays special” just to have something to drink.

Le Bistrot de Wasahof
This traditional french bistrot has a wide variety of good quality seafood and wines, some meat options and a plat du jour that always is good value for money. The regulars and staff are always the same and together they create a homey feel to this well established Stockholm classic. Be sure to make a reservation if you want a table for friday or saturday evening

Prime Burger
If you’re not just looking for a burger, but THE burger; this is the place to go in Stockholm. A small piece of New York on a plate, and not just in one but several different locations in Stockholm - all to meet the needs of the picky eater in need for fast food.

This vegetarian restaurant and café offers one of the best scenic views of Stockholm. Their all you can eat vegetarian buffet is to die for and they also offer a large selection of organic dishes and drinks, homemade vegan desserts and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that makes sure you’ll want to come back for more.

Hermitage vegetarian restaurant

Lilla Pakistan
Sweden isn’t exactly famous for having great asian food - but this little Pakistani restaurant is a big exception. It might not look like a fine dinig restaurant, and it’s usually quiet and empty, but this hidden gem has some of the best food Stockholm has to offer when it comes to international cuisine.


Cocktails and more

Eriks Gondolen
Situated high up at Katarina Hissen this is effectively one of Stockholms fine dining restaurants. However, if you don’t want to eat this is also a great place to go just for a breathtaking view and great cocktails. They have all the classics and more, and their competent staff are eager to meet any requests you might have that aren’t on the menu.



Melt Bar
This 1920s New York inspired “speakeasy” bar serves prohibition cocktails, champagne punch, beer in brown bags and absinthe to anyone who dares try it. Their bar menu is made for sharing and holds tapas, fondue and sweet treats that are deliciously dangerous. All through the week they also have burlesque performances and various happenings to entertain in a cabaret fashioned way.


Cafés and bakeries

Johan & Nyström
Swedes love their coffee and Stockholmers are no exception. With a vide variety of different coffee types, roasts, processes and brewing methods this is about as hipster as it gets; but they also - unarguably - have the best coffee in town. Naturally you can also have a sandwich or a cinnamon bun to go with that and if you’re feeling hesitant on how to tackle the coffee situation - just ask for help from the always well educated and friendly staff.

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