Want to get new inspiration and personal feedback, improve your balboa dance and discover new ways to have even more fun - book a private! Contact the teacher/teachers by email posted below to make a booking and to sort out payment and schedule details together. Check here how to find your way to the location for privates: Kulturfyren on Skeppsholmen, available daytime Saturday and Sunday. Have a good one and get your learning on!

NEWS: We are very sorry to announce that Olga can't make it to Scandinavian Shuffle after all. As Olga is travelling a lot to teach and dance we hope there will be more opportunities for you to meet for a private! Andreas, Anni & Gašper, Andréa & Freddie are eager to meet you still - read more below.

Olga & Andreas


Yay, the fantastic Olga and Andreas will join us at Scandinavian Shuffle, ready to inspire you and help you evolve into an even more amazing dancer!! Playful and elegant - your eyes will for sure be drawn to this beautiful couple when you see them on the dance floor, radiating energy and joy. Olga and Andreas are available for privates during the weekend, together or individually however you prefer. You’ll find information about the couple and contact info below.

NEWS: Now, as Olga can't make it to Stockholm for the weekend - your eyes will for sure still be drawn to Andreas and the dance partner he playes with together on the dancefloor ;)

Olga Marina


Olga was born into a family of teachers (language and music) and since early years has been an energetic live wire – studying music, doing athletics, martial arts and gymnastics. In 2007 she was introduced to Lindy Hop and this is where the real passion story begins. She got dance hooked and started to explore more of the dance world by getting into Blues and later Balboa. She has been actively travelling the globe in pursuit of more opportunities to dance, learn and compete. In 2013 she began to share her love for swing music and dance by teaching. At her classes Olga pays a lot of attention to getting the students interested and involved by giving challenging and fun tasks, working both on technique and musicality and infecting them even more with the passion for dancing. 

NEWS: Olga says HELLO and hope we will have a really fun weekend, sad she can't join us this time.

Andreas Olsson


Andreas was introduced to Lindy Hop in 2001 and a few years later to Balboa. Andreas teaches dance because he loves to see students learn and improve. As Andreas sees it, teaching is inspiring since it offers a possibility to contribute to the ever-changing dance style and scene. Andreas claims to be the unchallenged record holder (so far!) of most hours spent on social swing dance floors in Stockholm. He is an energizer bunny, and only takes a break to change into another colorful tie or t-shirt with a funny prnt!
He has been placed in a number of prestigious competitions in both Lindy Hop and Balboa around the world with a number of well known swing dancers. He is also a history lover and one of the very few marine archaeologists in the world.
Contact: andreasolss (at)

Anni & Gašper
We are so happy to have Anni and Gašper at Scandinavian Shuffle to share laughters, smooth and charmingly elegant dances spiced with a lot of playfulness! Make sure to catch them for a dance - and a private!! 


Anni Skoglund (Sweden) and Gašper Hrovat (Slovenia) is an inspiring dance couple. Their style is playful, passionate and smooth. They share the love for the dance as their form of communication through rhythm, melody and harmony. To them it is the awareness of one another that make the couple dance so magic.

From a young age both of them danced several styles before getting into authentic jazz dances. Anni's background lays in Swedish folk-dance, waltz and fox-trot, meanwhile Gašper's in popular 90's Street dances. Eventually swing dance came across and it became another playground. It must have been love at first dance at Herräng Dance Camp 2008. This is how they ended up, living and working together in Gothenburg (Sweden).

Now - performing, teaching and lecturing about swing dances, at home and abroad, has seen them as evolve into a couple that has won competitions with their vibrant style and superfast feet. But above all, social dance is their thing.

Contact: Anniskoglund (at), Gasper.hrovat (at)

Andréa & Freddie
These very charismatic, creative and interesting dancers will join us at Scandinavian Shuffle! Making us smile already. A wild guess is that if you don't find any of them on the dance floor, go check the coctail bar! Friendly, warm hearts could need a cocktail now and then ;) Knowing how to party, having fun with music and dance - you shouldn't hesitate to make contact for dancing and for a private. Andréa and Freddie are eager to help you with your balboa and give inspiration!


Andréa Hösel
Dance has always been a big part of her life. She started dancing ballet as a kid and went on with jazz and modern dance in her teen years. In 2004 she discovered swing dancing and has been hooked ever since. Now teaching Balboa on a regular basis and entering international competitions. She loves travelling, teaching and dancing with people all over the world. Her style has been described as quick, playful and elegant - clean lines mixed with total joy and delight in dancing.
Contact: andreahosel (at)

Freddie Karlbom
Freddie started Swing dancing in 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Between 2009 and 2012 he was part of Swedish Swing Society's performance troupe Shout n' Feel It and since 2010 he has been teaching Balboa and Lindy Hop at Swedish Swing Society in Stockholm, as well as workshops around Sweden and Europe. While social dancing, he loves taking inspiration from his partner and letting that influence his choices. As a teacher, he focuses on giving both roles the ability and opportunity to express their individual voices while staying true to the partnership of the dance.
Contact: freddiekarlbom (at)

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