Friday 8 PM - 3 AM (single night ticket will be sold at door between 8 - 11 PM)
The shuffling begins at 8 PM with the classic registration process and continues on with the promise of glowing feet and sparkly footwork until the wee hours of the night. As the party ends at 3 AM we should all head off and get some rest and recharge for the fantastic daytime activities and/or privates on Saturday.



Saturday 9 PM - 4 AM (single night ticket will be sold at door between 9 -12 PM)
As we kick of the party at 9 PM you’ll have plenty of time to get ready after todays activities and as the theme of the night is “There’s no such thing as overdressed" you might as well go all in! Do come early for a glass of bubbly and join in for a toast. As 4 AM shuffles towards us and our feet are still somewhat “walkable”, we better head back to bed, don’t we..



Sunday 2 PM - 8 PM  (single night ticket will be sold at door between 4 - 8 PM)
Since you were up so late last night you’re all invited for a small lunch/brunch at the Sunday venue from 2 PM. Hurray! Don't be too late if you are hungry though! If you’re not hungry for food but are hungry for more dancing we got you covered too. We’ll keep the party going until 8 PM.


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