While we expect everybody to help out during the camp, there are a few tasks that need a little extra attention. We are seeking volunteers in exchange for meals and access to the parties, skillshare activities and 50% of the classes.

Since hostel beds is our biggest limiting factor, we are mainly searching for volunteers who are willing to camp. There will be some indoor mattresses, but volunteers with tents will be prioritized.

During the camp you should expect up to 8 hours of work every day. We will make sure that you can attend 50% of the classes undisturbed, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to choose which of the classes you go to. Even if every one of you will be assigned a specific area of responsibility we hope you are flexible and can jump in if and where it is needed. It is also important that you are available during the whole camp.

Builder Hulks, which means starting early Thursday and finishing Sunday evening. You help with the set up and tear down of the camp. You’re first to come on Thursday and last to leave on Sunday but you have a little more free time during the camp. You will also help to prepare a lighter snack between classes one of the days.
Breakfast elves wake up early and make sure the breakfast is prepared, served and cleaned away every day. After dinner you take part in the set up of the evening café and help with snacks between classes. You also keep track of how much food is left and follow along on shopping trips to resupply when needed.

Café trolls take care of the café and manage the café helpers. During daytime, you will prepare lighter snacks for the breaks between classes. In the evenings you will make sure the café helpers know what to do, and also be responsible for either setting up or closing the café.

Kitchen heroes assist the chef with the meals. You should be comfortable working in a group. You will cut, stir, carry and serve. It is really important that you are good at being on time and working in a fast tempo.
If you are interested in volunteering, fill in this form.